What is Euphoric Recall?

Euphoric Recall is under construction as I try to figure out what I can do to get people to hit subscribe.

But, it’s technically a bi-weekly newsletter featuring the most significant quotes and numbers from the news, along with attendant commentary, reading recommendations, occasional fiction pieces by yours truly, and archived longform favorites. Sprinkled with (attempts at) humor, as well.

Covering all manner of topics — including, but certainly not limited to, culture, politics, international affairs, media, entertainment, and sports — it’s meant to be informative, a way to keep abreast of what’s going on in an incredibly fast-paced world.

Why Should You Subscribe?

Because today, more so than ever before, we are inundated with content and stimuli specifically engineered to consume as much of our attention as possible, all of it tailored to our individual tastes and preferences by algorithms in pursuit of dollar signs and at the expense of our most precious commodity: time.

The round-the-clock clip of modernity can be disorienting, amplifying anxieties while exacerbating feelings of disconnect. Our electronic era has fostered an information environment positively saturated with sources; it can be difficult to maintain a firm grasp on what’s happening and why it’s (un)important. What’s more, the algorithmic nature of social media leaves us susceptible to echo chambers and filter bubbles; much of the news-related information we consume on any given day is likely to be self-affirming rather than intellectually challenging.

But a comprehensive overview in a format like that provided by Euphoric Recall, with the news distilled in concise, easily digested bullet points and prose, is an ideal way to combat the epistemic free-for-all induced by the democratization of information. And, as someone who believes in intellectual pluralism and a variety of perspectives, and whose devotion to reading borders on monastic and includes virtually every mainstream publication (and more), I can confidently say that Euphoric Recall is encyclopedic and that my efforts to ensure epistemic integrity are exhaustive.

Not incidentally, my social media footprint is tiny, and I don’t identify with a particular political party or group; what I read truly runs the gamut from A-to-Z, so to speak, and you can rest assured that I have no agenda, nor am I looking to propagate a particular ideology, dogma, catechism, orthodoxy, or worldview. My loyalty is to you, the reader, and my goal is to help facilitate a more informed populace.

Give it a shot. Subscribe.

About Me:

Sparkling conversationalist and well-mannered eater with a peculiar affection for cat shirts. Also a writer. I’m the author of the novel Because of Jenny, and I run a fairly popular Instagram page @brad.neaton.writes.

I graduated from West Point in 2014 and served in the Army as an Infantry officer, and I received an M.A. in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California. I currently reside in downtown Los Angeles, where I enjoy people watching, being critter friendly, and saying hello to dogs.