“He’s still sleeping.”


This Thursday’s newsletter is a special edition of Euphoric Recall with two sections at the very bottom on two bombshell stories.

The first is about the 27-page speaking indictment of Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer released by Special Counsel John Durham as part of his probe into the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. The second section is even more of a jaw-dropper concerning the origin of covid-19 and information discovered on Tuesday.


  • “In Washington, there is no greater indication of wrongdoing than the number of people denouncing efforts to investigate it. The “nothing to see here” crowd went into hyperventilation this week with the indictment of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.”Attorney and legal scholar Jonathan Turley, who is also a professor at George Washington University Law School.

  • “I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.” San Francisco Mayor London Breed, in defense of violating her own indoor mask mandate while partying at a club.1

  • “He’s still sleeping.”A tweet from Elon Musk in response to being asked, “The President of the United States has refused to even acknowledge the 4 newest American astronauts who helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for St. Jude. What’s your theory on why that is?”

  • “The main thing here is that Pence should do this without asking for permission — either from a vote of the joint session or from the Court. Let the other side challenge his actions in court . . .”Trump lawyer John Eastman, in a two-page memo outlining a scheme that former President Donald Trump’s legal team used to try and convince then-Vice President Mike Pence that he could overturn the election results on January 6 when Congress counted the Electoral College votes by throwing out electors from seven states. The memo, which has not previously been made public, provides new details on how Trump and his team hoped to subvert the Constitution.

  • “Don’t pretend that I’m turning this into something that it’s not.”CNN’s Don Lemon, who suggested that the skin color of Brian Laundrie, fiancé to Gabby Petito, awards him the privilege of not talking to police during the investigation into her death. Petito’s case has captured the country since she went missing earlier this month. Laundrie’s family members were instructed by their attorney not to talk to the authorities, which Lemon chalked up to “white privilege.” You have a constitutional right to remain silent—the Fifth Amendment provides that “no person...shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.”

  • “Please help us keep the basketball courts open and wear your mask on the courts, that includes keeping your nose and mouth covered, other than briefly drinking water. If players do not abide, we will cancel Open Rec basketball to be in compliance with the indoor mask policy. We understand that breathing heavily is uncomfortable in a mask. Please adapt your intensity as needed or play outside.”A notice from Stanford University. The student body is 100% vaccinated.

  • “Newly revealed emails show internal warnings were not heeded.”A special report from ABC News after emails were obtained showing that months before the Haitian migrant surge at the southern border, Border Patrol agents on the front lines in Texas sounded alarms that Del Rio was vulnerable and resources could become overwhelmed. Despite the warnings, officials say preparations for the migrant surge only began when large waves started showing up this week. Now the Biden administration is scrambling to track, process and remove those gathered under an international bridge in the South Texas town of Del Rio that at one point ballooned to more than 14,000.

  • “What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery.”Congresswoman Maxine Waters on the images and videos of Border Patrol agents on horseback confronting Haitian refugees at the border.2

  • 41%: Percentage of Democrats who believe that more than half of all covid-19 cases result in hospitalization, according to a survey of 35,000 Americans by Gallup and Franklin Templeton.

  • 1 to 5%: The actual percentage of covid-19 cases that result in hospitalization.

  • 3.6%: Rise in wholesale used-vehicle prices in the first 15 days of September compared to August. Secondhand car prices had surged higher and higher throughout much of the pandemic before stabilizing somewhat during the summer months, but are now rising once again. This latest spike pushed used-car prices to 24.9% above September 2020 and a whopping 41.9% above March 2020 levels, according to Manheim's Used Vehicle Index, the world's largest wholesaler of used vehicles.

  • 16.0%: Obesity prevalence among persons ages 2-19 years, per the CDC, which effectively doubled during the pandemic.

  • 3: Buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, along with “up to 10 tubs of coleslaw and an undisclosed quantity of fries,” that two men were arrested for trying to smuggle across the border into Auckland, New Zealand on Monday. Under the country’s strict “level four” lockdown, restaurants aren’t allowed to open and residents cannot order takeout food. In such an environment, fast food can take on the aura of a high-value illicit substance. Last week, a man was charged by police after posting a social media video of crossing the Auckland boundary in search of McDonald’s.

  • 80: Cars in line at a McDonald’s in Auckland, NZ the next day (Tuesday), when the country “moved into alert level 3,” allowing drive-through and takeaway services to open.

  • 434: Number of kids ages 0-17 who died from the flu in 2019 (before covid).

  • 214: Number of kids ages 0-17 who’ve died from covid-19 in 2021 (as of September 15).

  • 302: Number of kids shot in Chicago this year, with 261 killed.

  • $974: Amount that Americans, on average, plan to spend during this holiday shopping season—a 4.7% increase compared to 2020.

  • 79.4%: Percentage of consumers who expect to spend most of their 2021 holiday shopping budgets at Amazon. Walmart.com is a distant second at 6.2%.

  • 37%: President Biden’s approval rating among independents, down from 55% in June. The same Gallup poll also shows Biden’s overall approval rating is 43%, which is a new low.

  • 66%: Proportion of college students who support “shouting down” speakers with whom they don’t agree, according to a new survey from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). This represents an increase of 4 percentage points over last year. Meanwhile, 23% said they support going so far as to use violence to stop a speaker, an increase of 5 percentage points from last year.

  • 4: House Republicans who’ve filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden over his handling of the surge of illegal immigrants at the border, his attempts to extend the federal eviction moratorium, and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan that claimed the lives of 13 U.S. service members.

By day, New York’s residential garbage is picked up by municipal workers. But come nightfall, private haulers collect the commercial trash, often working at breakneck speeds with few protections for workers. (Michael Santiago/ProPublica)

The Sussmann Indictment

It’s difficult to overstate the significance of special counsel John Durham’s indictment of Democratic Party lawyer Michael Sussmann, and how unusual it is for a one-count false-statement charge, which can be alleged in a paragraph, to be presented as a 27-page speaking indictment. Although all claims in an indictment must still be proven in court, the documentary evidence amassed by this new document tells a powerful story.

Durham, who was ordered to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, has been praised as an apolitical career prosecutor by both Democrats and Republicans, and is known for being relentless in his dogged pursuit of wrongdoing without political or personal bias. That’s why a lot of people think that Democrats should be, and are, very, very concerned. This guy does not fuck around.

So, when the Sussmann indictment unequivocally states that those origins were both unlawfully concealed and knowingly false, and that he (Sussmann) pushed a false allegation of collusion and then hid the fact that he was working for the Clinton campaign, outright denying it when he took the scam conspiracy theory to the FBI, it’s a big deal that the mainstream media has gone to great lengths to downplay it. (i.e. — The Washington Post: “John Durham’s zombie Russia investigation produces an iffy indictment. Is this all there is?” . . . to which I say: Did you even read the indictment?)

Why’s it a big deal that the media is trying to downplay the significance? Because the complete story involves not just the criminality outlined in the indictment of Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, but, even more seriously, the central role played by the U.S. media in perpetuating this scam on the public in an effort to manipulate the election outcome.

To summarize the Sussmann indictment and what Durham’s investigation will doubtlessly expound upon when finished: The Trump–Russia collusion narrative was essentially a fabrication of the Clinton campaign that was peddled to the FBI (among other government agencies) and to the media by campaign agents — notably, the campaign’s lawyers at Perkins Coie, a firm that’s a major player in Democratic Party politics — who concealed that they were working on Clinton’s behalf. These agents used privileged access to nonpublic information for political purposes, morphing that information into a political narrative that they knew was baseless but could be convincingly spun to suggest Trump did indeed have a secret relationship with Putin and Russia.

They then proceeded to peddle the false narrative to a DNC-loyal mainstream media that subsequently abandoned every principle of journalistic integrity “in service of” undermining Trump, before also peddling the same false narrative to the FBI, who opened an investigation. Sussmann was ostensibly bringing this alarming “evidence” to the FBI because he and his associates were well-meaning citizens concerned about national security.

It must be emphasized that a 27-page indictment is extraordinary; a single false-statement charge rarely, if ever, warrants such length. But Durham included extensive details for reasons that, although not explicitly stated, can still be reasonably inferred. This case serves as a microcosm perfectly encapsulating the “Russiagate” fraud that countless people obsessed over (and continue to obsess over) in their never-ending self-righteous “Not My President!” and “Resist!” crusades. Hoaxes were repeatedly cooked up by private intelligence operatives working for the DNC or anti-Trump factions within the CIA and FBI, and then fed to friendly reporters, who laundered the falsehoods by publishing whatever they were given, without the slightest concern for whether it was true.

The thoroughness of Durham’s findings also suggests that the final report is going to be an absolute bombshell that utterly exposes the extent to which the Russian-collusion scandal that plagued the Trump administration was contrived by senior intelligence officials, the Clinton campaign, and unsavory journalists. When all is said and done, and the details of the plot and the people behind it come to light, it’s going to be arguably the greatest government scandal of all time. It’s going to make the Nixon fiasco look like child’s play. Just wait.

The Covid-19 Playbook

Back in May I wrote “The Big Ruh Roh Cometh,” a long post breaking down “The lab-leak hypothesis, the media’s willful ignorance, and imminent revelations.” Later, I wrote a second and third post (“Questions That Matter” and “2+2=5”) that were essentially about the same subjects but with new developments. I mention these now because anyone who hasn’t already read them might find all this difficult to follow.

Late Tuesday night, DRASTIC (Decentralised Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating Covid-19), a group of scientists, journalists, and other independent researchers who’ve spent the better part of the pandemic trying to determine the origins of Covid-19, released a document they received from a whistleblower that I believe confirms two things:

  1. The virus was created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), from which it “escaped.”

  2. Fauci has been lying this entire time because he was 100% complicit in its creation.

The document in question is a 2018 grant proposal that was submitted to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) under the umbrella of the PREventing EMerging Pathogenic Threats (PREEMPT) program by Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance.

Recall that Daszak was the person who, from the very start of the pandemic, did everything he could to mislead the entire world about the origins of the coronavirus, embarking on a campaign to dismiss the idea that the virus might’ve escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology as nothing more than a xenophobic conspiracy theory. Recall also that in early August, Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee issued an updated investigative report on the origins of covid-19 in which they stated: “We have uncovered strong evidence that suggests Peter Daszak is the public face of a CCP disinformation campaign designed to suppress public discussion about a potential lab leak.”

This 75-page proposal shows that EcoHealth Alliance, in concert with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, attempted to carry out a project described as “advanced and dangerous human pathogenicity research that would clearly qualify as gain of function (GoF).” The research involved the injection of deadly chimeric bat coronaviruses into humanized mice, which basically means they put human cells inside mice so that they could experiment with how to make the coronaviruses more lethal to humans without actually using humans.

In “The Big Ruh Roh Cometh” post I wrote, I talked about how virologists have known since 1992 that the one sure way to make a virus deadlier to human beings is to give it something called a “furin cleavage site,” and how, coincidentally, a furin cleavage site was discovered in the viral sequence of covid-19, making it the only severe acute respiratory syndrome–related coronavirus to have this feature. As noble laureate and eminent virologist David Baltimore put it, “When I first saw the furin cleavage site in the viral sequence, with its arginine codons, I said to my wife it was the smoking gun for the origin of the virus.”

Suffice it to say that if the pathogenicity of a naturally-occurring virus were to be manipulated through the addition of a furin cleavage site, it wouldn’t just be a textbook example of the “gain-of-function” experimentation that Fauci testified under oath he didn’t approve, it would be an incredibly, needlessly dangerous textbook example.

The argument against the lab leak hypothesis has always been that the furin cleavage site wasn’t added by virologists at the WIV, and that it’s simply the result of some natural recombination event, despite the fact that neither the host pathway from bats to humans, nor the geographical route from Yunnan (where the viruses most closely related to covid-19 have been sampled) to Wuhan (where the pandemic emerged) have been identified, and more than 80,000 samples collected from Chinese wildlife sites and animal farms have all proved negative.

And that’s why this document that they’ve been trying to hide, but which DRASTIC finally managed to get their hands on, is so significant. Below is the key excerpt:

In layman’s terms, this translates as “We will artificially insert furin cleavage sites at the spike-gene S1-S2 border of bat SARS-related coronaviruses, and we will ask whether this increases their ability to infect human cells.”

It is now clear that not only was there an approved proposal in 2018 to insert such a site and to test its increased pathogenicity, but that covid-19 is exactly what they proposed to create using human-specific furin cleavage sites.

But there’s more: This 75-page document is literally the playbook for covid-19. Players. Motives. Methods. Funds. Everything. And it reveals another bombshell: Peter Daszak submitted a proposal to DARPA to modify the furin cleavage site of “SARS classic” to create something more virulent. DARPA rejected it and refused funding because it was too dangerous. But Anthony Fauci approved it and funded it in 2018, which means he basically bankrolled the creation of covid-19.

I’m waiting to see how the media and Fauci’s acolytes/sycophants try to spin this one, because this is a big deal.



How arrogant do you have to be to think that it’s fine for political, cultural, and financial elites to exempt themselves from the very rules they demand everyone else obey? And yet, this is the very attitude shared by the mainstream media and a disconcerting proportion of Democrat voters, socialist types, and leftist leaners. This isn’t even a trend anymore; this is the norm. Just this past weekend, the very paragon of this indefensible, authoritarian idiocy was on display among the Hollywood elite at the Emmys, where, as was the case at the equally reprehensible Met Gala, all of the servers/workers had to wear masks, but none of the pompous elites. The takeaway is that masks are for peasants.

Does it not matter that none of the celebrities at these events have to wear masks, but all kids ages two and older have to wear them at school in Los Angeles and New York? That despite the countless instances of liberal politicians flagrantly flouting the stringent covid-19 edicts they impose on everyone else, the mainstream media continues to look the other way?


I swear, every single day I find myself amazed at how truly ignorant — stupid, unknowing, aloof — people are, and I say this as a devout apostle of humility. Often times these are people who’re supposed to be estimable individuals, people who’re paid obscene amounts of money or trusted with important jobs—in this case, running our country. And Maxine Waters is a Black woman opining about how the “mistreatment” of Haitians illegally crossing the border is worse than the abuse inflicted on African Americans back in the era of slavery. Are you kidding me? Have you ever even opened a history book? I’ll spare you a comprehensive overview illustrating the atrocities committed under the institution of slavery, because in all likelihood, regardless of where you sit on the political ideological spectrum, you know just as well as I do how wondrously inane Maxine Waters’ comments are.

What I do want to emphasize, however, is that the outcry over the images of Border Patrol agents on horseback “whipping” illegal aliens is yet another instance of the media perpetrating a false story, except this time the White House has joined in on the act. They’re not whipping anyone; what they’re doing is a legitimate law enforcement action—an action that all Border Patrol agents are trained by the Department of Homeland Security to perform as part of crowd control management. It’s called “twirling the reins,” and it’s to protect the illegal aliens. As Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council and a border agent himself, explained in a recent interview, “We have to keep those individuals away from the horses. If they get too close to the horses, the horses could step on them and they could break bones. They could kick them. They can get kicked in the head. It could cause death.” So they twirl their reins to ensure the illegal aliens don’t get too close.